I’m an accomplished artist who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Art Academy and University of San Francisco. I grew up with a father who painted and was an art educator and I learned to paint and draw instead of watching TV. Summers were spent on my parents 40 acres of land in Door County Wisconsin where I gained a deep knowledge of nature studying trees, plants, lakes, birds and animals. My work features lots of animals—sometimes wearing clothes reflecting this love of the natural world and the fantastical creatures that reside in that world. I also spent ten years living in and traveling around Asia,India and Europe with trips to Australia and South America discovering new cultures that have influenced my work. I lived in Singapore and worked as an illustrator at Far Eastern Publications where I also took photos for the book Singapore Memento recording a fast disappearing way of life. Several years ago I participated in a family show at the Swedish museum of Chicago where my dad, brothers and sister also showed their work as the Bladholm family name is of Swedish descent. I call my collages “painting with paper” as I work entirely with paper images that end up resembling paintings. The works for sale on this website are original hand made one-of-a-kind pieces, not art prints or copies, you are purchasing the real collage. I have spent my whole life immersed in the world of art, both creating it and being influenced by other artists such as Joseph Cornell (also a collage artist), Japanese woodblock printmakers, Yasuhiro Esaki (my print professor at the Art Academy of SanFrancisco) and the painters Gustav Klimt, James Ensor and Edvard Munch. I reside in Hollywood, Florida with one indoor cat and one outdoor cat. I can be reached at lindabladholm@gmail.com or 305-747-4192