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I see the world as a giant collage. juxtaposed ordinary images that when put together create a magical view. I have tried to capture some of these visions in the collages you can view in the gallery here. I have always had a vivid imagination, if served a plate of pancakes I’d surround them with orchids and add a fox in a velvet jacket to eat them. The image of the Indian woman with a crystal ball on this page is called Seeing The Light, absorbing the beauty surrounding her including a candle, protea flower, tentacles of a giant jellyfish and full moon. Scroll further down to find Giant Octopus In a Magic Garden, inspired by a dive at the Great Barrier reef in Australia. I did see a huge octopus and they do make gardens outside their dens with shells and shiny things but what made the biggest impression was all the fantastic sea life around me which I depict in the collage from coral to sea fans.We know more about the moon than the depths of the ocean and that fascinates me.And you can see some of my Moon Chicken series here. When I lived in Singapore, some friends 

and I would leave Singapore at dusk and drive all night, reaching the small fishing port of Mersing on the east coast of Malaysia to hire a fisherman to take us to the island of Tioman,the only way to get there back then. On the way we’d stop to stretch our legs and once we stopped at a chicken farm.It was a full moon and the chickens were in the yard literally dancing, bopping their heads back and forth and spinning around—an unforgettable sight. I expanded the vision to include moon chickens roller skating and surrounded by mushrooms. I’m also intrigued by fairy tales but mine feature animals, such as Snow White as a dog with seven pups and a tiger as Little Red Riding Hood. I hope you enjoy entering my world of imagination and fantasy here.

Art That Captivates

I create my collages to hold your interest and attention and perhaps charm you. Art is meant to be out there in the world to be shared and I want my collages to captivate art lovers everywhere. I also make pet portraits. If you send me a photo of your beloved dog, cat, bird or lizard or other creature and tell me a little about yourself I will create a personalized collage featuring your pet in a setting that reflects you as well.

About -My History

I was born in San Francisco, grew up in Chicago and graduated from the University of San Francisco and Art Academy of San Francisco. Then I launched into the world living and working as an illustrator in Singapore, Tokyo and London. Travels in India inspired a love of cooking the food of the subcontinent. I love mountain climbing, swimming, travel and star gazing but most of all I enjoy creating art, specifically collages, piecing together bits of paper into a finished work of art that tells a story. And there are endless stories to tell.

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I have been immersed in the world of art my whole life and traveled the world which has inspired many of my collages. I lived in Southeast Asia for many years and spent months traversing India. I am fascinated by the colors, sounds and sights of different places and am especially inspired by nature from animals to plants. I was a food and travel writer for over thirty years so food creeps into some of my work but mainly my life has been expanded by travel. I am all about creating beauty with a side of whimsey in my work.

Mesmeric Artistic Creations

Collage artists such as myself depend on scissors. They are are our main tool for creating our visions and cutting images to glue down on a piece of paper. Out of these images come something larger than the small parts I start with. I use large scissors to cut big background circles and other shapes and a tiny pair of mustache trimming scissors for cutting smaller delicate pieces. I start with an artistic vision and bring it to life, all with pieces of paper.

Discover, Dream, Collage

Many of my collages come to me in dreams and many are just born from my ideas for something I could create inspired by places I have visited like the Atacama Desert in Chile or the Chinatown of Penang, Malaysia. Sometimes I combine dream visions with what I have discovered on my many travels.

Paper, Precision, andPure Imagination

My media is paper and I love nothing more than creating with it, using precise methods of cutting and applying paper images to paper using my imagination as inspiration. Dreams become reality in my work turning into fantastical imagery. One can go anywhere with a good imagination and I go far. Dinosaurs in space, kangaroos in coats, and mermaids riding whales.

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Real Testimonials unleashed.

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Robert John Doe
Robert John Doe


"The painter's artwork is a visual symphony that resonates deeply within me. The artist's ability to capture fleeting moments and raw emotions is extraordinary. Each piece tells a unique story, inviting me to explore and interpret its meaning. The use of color and texture creates a sensory experience that I find utterly captivating. The artwork has become a cherished part of my home, infusing it with beauty and inspiration. It is a true testament to the artist's talent and vision."

David T. Jhonson
David T. Jhonson

Graphic Designer

"I am continually amazed by the painter's artwork. It is a testament to their skill and creative vision. Each piece is a masterpiece that evokes a myriad of emotions within me. The artist's ability to blend colors and textures is awe-inspiring. The artwork brings a sense of tranquility and introspection to my space. I find myself lost in its beauty, discovering new details with each gaze. It is a treasure that brings joy and inspiration to my life."

Jack D. Morgan
Jack D. Morgan

SEO Analyst

"I am captivated by the painter's artwork. The vibrant colors and intricate details evoke a sense of wonder and emotion. Each brushstroke tells a story, transporting me to another world. The depth and richness of the artwork bring a sense of serenity and joy to my space. It is a true masterpiece that I proudly display, and it never fails to elicit compliments from friends and family. I am grateful for the artist's talent and the beauty it brings to my life."